H. E. Mr. Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer

H. E. Mr. Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer

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Managing Director & CEO of DEWA

Mr. Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer graduated from the United States of America in 1984, he has more than 23 years of experience in Dubai in the field of communications, energy and water. In 1991 he was appointed as the Director General of the Dubai Electricity Company. In 1992 he became Director-General of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, which was a joint venture of Dubai Electricity Company and the Water Department.

He played an important role towards the merger and was successful in creating high economic value through his continuous efforts.

Mr. Al Tayer, during the last 10 – 15 years has many achievements and initiatives to his credit in terms of energy production capacity as well as expansion of infrastructure.

DEWA, under the direction of Mr. Al Tayer, has managed to achieve financial stability and growth. Today DEWA is not dependant on financial aid from the government and is self sustainable to execute various projects to meet the growing demand for energy and water and continuously exceed customer satisfaction.

Mr. Al Tayer has also dedicated his time and effort to continuously enhance the technical capabilities and solutions for DEWA. He has introduced latest technologies in various sectors through innovative systems and modern methods. In the due course he has developed and established the annual exhibition of the Authority, named “Technology exhibit, Water, Energy and the Environment” and achieved a prominent place on the international arena.

Moving on, Mr. Al Tayer was appointed the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and is currently a member of the Executive Council of Dubai and Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee.

Mr. Al Tayer is also a member of the Council of Economic Affairs of the Emirate of Dubai, a member of the Higher Committee of the electric linkage UAE, member of the Board of Directors of DUBAL, and Chairman of the Board in the Emirates Central Cooling Systems (Empower), and a member of the Supreme Committee of Dubai Quality Award, Vice President of the Higher Committee for the Zayed International Prize.