Green Dubai Plan

Ladies and gentlemen,
We are all aware that plans always involve a degree of calculated risk. The plan for 2007 to 2015 also involves a degree of calculated risk, yet it enjoys a high degree of confidence, certainty and optimism based on our proven accuracy in the direction we have adopted, the successes we have achieved, and the experiences we have gained over the past years … these factors are priceless.

The Dubai Strategic Plan was prepared by a team encompassing vast experience and energy from governmental, economic and social entities.

My Executive Office will monitor the progress of the plan’s programs and will remove any obstacles to ensure proper implementation and rapid execution.

One of the key criteria to evaluate departments, organisations and managers will be their level of compliance and success in implementing this plan.

I want you all to make enough time to study this plan. I want all governmental and national departments and organisations to transform the plan into a working culture and a way of life.

I want the private sector to digest the plan, to absorb it, and to benefit from its programs and projects. The private sector is called upon to play a larger role. We place this document at its disposal in the hope that it will act as a compass directing their way and lighting the path ahead over the years to come.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I trust in God Almighty. I depend on God first and foremost, and then on the brain and brawn of the children of this nation, to them I entrust much… and from them I expect much.

In the past I told you that we would succeed… and we did. And today I tell you that I see further success in the future…

As we have succeeded in the past, we will succeed in the future. We will write new pages in our nation’s epic of glory, pride and achievement. We will inspire our nation, and we will set the example. We will present to our world proof that we are capable of action, capable of imposing our presence, capable of communicating, interacting, co-existing, and cooperating with all other cultures and civilisations.