Eng. Essa Al Haj Al Miadoor

Eng. Essa Al Haj Al Miadoor

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Assistant Director General

Eng. Essa Al Haj Al Miadoor graduated from the University of Utah in the USA in 1985. Eng. Al Miadoor has been working with the Dubai Municipality for over 20 years, and is currently holding the position of Assistant Director General for the Planning and Engineering Sector at the Dubai Municipality.

He has held senior positions over the years in many Dubai Municipality Departments; these include being the Assistant Director General for the General Projects, Director of the Buildings Department, Director of the Contracts and Purchase Department, and Director of Drainage and Irrigation Department.

Given his vast experience in the many departments, Eng. Al Miadoor plays an important part in a number of technical committees within and outside Dubai Municipality; currently he is the Chairman of the Green Building Committee overseeing the implementation of the New Green Building Regulations for Dubai. Some other committees he plays an active part include, being a member of the Higher Leadership Committee at Dubai Municipality, a member of the Thermal Insulation committee, Contracts Development Committee, and a member of the Technical Committee.